Wii-U’s online game by Isaias Frias

It seems as though Nintendo may have been hearing the outcry from their fans. Here are some of the super neat things they are doing…

Nintendo Network: somewhat like XBL or PSN… provides ways to play with friends online. Video Chat through the Wii-U gamepad camera. Holds up to 12 gamer profiles on one Wii-U system. replaces lame friend codes from Wii

Mii-verse: this allows users to chat through texts… you can also use video. You can access these through the Wii-U system itself or your phone or computer. You can also use the Nintendo 3DS. It also can be used to post dialogue boxes over your Mii or into games you are playing, to notify people of how you are gaming or a “gaming staus update” if you will…

Wii-U web browsing: pretty standar here… the only different thing is being able to navigate a web-page with the Wii-U gamepad

last but not least

Nintendo TVii: this is the coolest thing (imo)… this takes all your digital movies and TV and puts it in one location. Amazon instant video, Netflix, Hulu, You-tube and Tivo. Now if you want to look for a movie you won’t have to remember where it was that you watched it. Just turn on the gamepad and navigate all of them.

Well, I am certainly looking forward to all these things. What fun will they roll out with next?

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