Super Mario Galaxy Review

Super Mario Galaxy Review by Jeffrey McDuff

Super Mario Galaxy is out of this world, yet, still has a familiar feel to it. <— Its the best tagline I could come up with.

I know you have waited a long time for me to write another one of these bad boys. So, here we go.

Story —

Well, it is a Mario game. So based upon past Mario games, I think Princess Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser. Am I… Am I close?!  Speaking of this whole Bowser kidnapping thing, I don’t know about you, but, if I was to kidnap a princess, I do not think that I would allow her to send correspondence to her would-be rescuer, or anyone, for that matter.

Gameplay —

The gameplay is nothing short of phenomenal. As it should be. Each of the many worlds visited offer a unique experience. There are some very fun power ups (go find the bee suit) which help in giving the worlds that unique feeling. The game is not too difficult, I really only had problems with the last couple of galaxies in the game. I am glad that the difficulty is fairly easy. Mario games (for me) should be fun experiences where you can enjoy yourself. I do not know anyone who buys Mario games because they want to beat their heads against a wall.

There is one huge problem that I have found with this game however.  The camera is, at times, atrocious. I cannot begin to describe the amounts of annoyance and anger I felt when the camera would not let me see what I thought was necessary for me to see and thus I inadvertently ran into an enemy, or fell from a platform.

Visuals —

The visual representation is very well done. Nintendo knows what the Wii is capable of and works well within those limits. You do notice jagged edges here and there. Things that should be smooth and round are not so when you get up close. However, the occurrences happen so infrequently that it takes nothing away from the product.

I will let the images tell the rest of the story.

Sound —

The score that is used in this games is very cute and pleasant to listen to. The sound effects are spot on. There is little to no voice acting, but that hardly comes as a surprise. Nintendo has shown that it does not consider voice acting as a necessary part of that video game experience. After playing Super Mario Galaxy, one can hardly blame them.

——— The Bottom Line ———

Even after almost 5 years. Super Mario Galaxy is a textbook example of what a 3D platformer should be. Except for the camera, the camera suxorz.

If you a require a grading scale I give Super Mario Galaxy 4 out of 5 Space Jumps.


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