Mad World Review

Mad World Review by Isaias Frias

In light of recent news of Bayonetta 2 being a Wii-U exclusive, I have decided to review Platinum Games Wii exclusive.


This is one of the very few blood drenched games for the Wii… not only is it bloody, but it is bloody fun.


The story is you are a hulking angry guy in a future where everyone in the city is infected with a disease. You are fighting for the cure. There is a over-arcing story that really doesn’t matter. As a matter of fact, the main story doesn’t matter in this. It is just put in the game so there is a reason as to why you are murdering everyone in sight.


This is where this game truly shines. it uses the Wii-mote and Nunchuck. Buttons to punch and kick, swing the Wii-mote and your trusty rusty chainsaw is engaged and chops foes to the death. When you have done enough damage to a baddie, there will be a prompt to do a finisher, which include but isn’t limited to: tearing a dude apart, sawing a guy in half slowly from bottom to top etc. This game has lots of  envoronmental hazards that you can throw people into: spikes, saw blades, fire barrels. You can toss a guy into a barrel, impale the barrel with a street sign pole, then throw the barrel (with the guy in it still and a street sign through it) into a spike wall… Also, there is a mini game in each level to rack up points and for funzies: golfing bad guys into the moon, seeing how many guys you can throw onto train tracks before the train hits them etc. I think the only problem with the gaeplay is the camera. It keeps moving to awkward corners of the room. You can put it behind you by pressing Z but there is no way to control it beyond that. Also you gotta keep in mind that this is a beat-em-up game. And it does get repetitive at times. There are enough mini games and things of that nature to keep it interesting but when you are jus killing baddies at times it gets boring to watch yourself saw some dude in half for the millionth time.


The art style is amazing in this game. It is completely black and white. The only other color in this game is red and believe me, there is lots of it. Jack (the main protagonist) moves smoothly. Blood spatters look amazing. The environments are pretty dope. Even though it is all black and white, you never feel boxed in or anything.


Another awesome aspect in this game. Chainsaw motor sounds great but never too loud. The sound of a guy getting impaled by a spike is very rewarding. The soundtrack of this game has alot of hip-hop tracks. I am not a huge fan of this genre but it seems to fit well with Jack and the environment. Throughout the game there are 2 comentators who are pretty hilarious. In one instance when Jack grabs an extra life they say:

“It’s an extra life for Jack!”
“I wonder why those other guys didn’t grab that extra life?”
“I dunno, maybe they didn’t see it.”
“Same with the Happy Onions and powerups; it’s like only Jack can see them!”

that had me cracking up for a while…


Gameplay can get a little tiresome (take breaks) but if you are searching for a Wii game with buckets of blood and entertaining gameplay, pick this one up. It may be in the bargain bin but that doesn’t mean not good. Do yourself a favor and get it. If you don’t you will regrat it for the rest of your life and probably be sad forever.

Final Score: 4 out of 5 stars

One response to “Mad World Review”

  1. Eugene says :

    It’s on my wishlist and for 8 bucks, plus seeing the great reviews, definitely buying it. Plus cursed mountain. Do a cursed mountain review. Thanks nice article. props. 🙂

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