Far Cry Vengeance Review

Review By Shane Bryant

Far Cry is generally a very solid series. I played the port of the PC version on the original Xbox and it was a great game. It had a very deep map creator, fun multiplayer online and off, and a singleplayer that lasts and is open. The graphics even today look pretty darn good. Then we get to the Wii version of the same game Far Cry Vengeance. Although, it’s not really the same game. The game’s cover and it’s name are very misleading. I expected to play the same game as the Xbox version except with motion controls, but what I played is possibly one of the worst games of all time.

Where the Xbox version was very open and very polished this version of  Far cry is very linear, glitchy, and just awful to look at. If you are someone who enjoys playing terribly made games and just want a laugh that’s the only reason I can give anyone to purchase this game for any amount of money. When the game starts out it’s story opens much like the original game, but then you are thrust in areas that don’t even exist in any other version. The framerate will constantly flicker when the action gets intense and the motion controls are some of the most awkward and confusing controls around. The one thing the game manages to get right is the aiming. While you are aiming and killing these horrible A.I. enemies you sometimes do feel like the game has potential.

What an ugly game…

Seeing as how the Wii is on par or better than the original Xbox there’s really no excuse for how bad this game is in all departments. At times the graphics and horrible framerate would give me a headache. The game will sometimes lock up the Wii for absolutely no reason. It’s not even in certain spots either. You’ll just be running around and the game will freeze with usually no warning. I am not sure what the people who made this game where even thinking releasing such a shoddy product that obviously has a ton of issues.

Back to the A.I. because at times they can be down right stupid. You’ll be shooting a guy and another guy will be near you and won’t even fight back. The enemies just stand around like morons as you gun them down. Occasionally they’ll be so hard to see because of the shoddy graphics that you’ll get killed magically. Don’t fret though because the clunky controls are also what causes most of your deaths as well.

Overall Far Cry Vengeance is one of the worst games available on any system ever. You’d be hard pressed to find a worse first person shooter out there on the gaming market. It’s shoddy, poorly made, and full of technical issues. If you want to see how NOT to make a game, then play Far Cry Vengeance. If you want to play the original Far Cry there are way better versions of it.

This is from a better version of the game

Overall Rating


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