Cooking Mama: World Kitchen Review

Cooking Mama: World Kitchen Review by Jeffrey McDuff

What follows is what our investigative reporter was able to dig up about the events surrounding what some people refer to as: Insanity. Remember if you can’t stand the heat, itz okay Mama will hep you.

Story —

From what I can tell from the cover and playing the story is as follows:

In the near future, after a war which has turned the world into an Orange, there will come a woman who will kidnap unsuspecting children to teach them how to cook. If you fail to complete the recipes that she has set out for you then she makes fun of you by acting ‘nice’ while talking to you in heavily accented English.

Gameplay —

The gameplay is fun, once you become accustomed to the evil woman forcing you to cook. The Wii mote works well but not perfect. There will be times when you will have no idea what motion to make with the controller. When this happens pay no attention to the comments, dripping with sarcasm, that spew forth from the evil woman’s mouth.

Look at that diabolic machine!

Everything you do is timed, so you better be quick.

Visuals —

The visuals are cute, so cute that it will try to draw you away for the fact that you were kidnapped. Do not let them. The really work well on the Wii.

She might be smiling, but she’s dead on the inside.

Also, did you see the ferocious guard dog?

Sound —

The music is there. However, having to listen to Mama berate you with Engrish is hilarious… err… I mean torturous.

——— The Bottom Line ———

I cannot believe this game is rated E, the evil undertones are pretty obvious.

Actually, all joking aside, the game is pretty fun. There are some control issues but in the end the game delivers what you were expecting. Short, cute fun.

For this game, I give it 3.5 Barney hugs out of 5

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