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Digital promotion in Europe for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

In a move to encourage digital distribution and the advantages of the eShop, Nintendo of Europe have announced a new promotion for its digital store.

The promotion which started yesterday and will last until 2pm on February 21st consists of a £10 discount for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, leaving the game available at the reduced price of £19.99.

If you haven’t bought the game yet this is the perfect opportunity for you to grab it. Upon its original release on the Nintendo 64 Ocarina of Time was praised as the best game ever created. Follow Link’s journey as he travels through time in his quest to stop the evil Ganondorf and rescue Princess Zelda. Do not miss this adventure.

Just don’t forget that this promotion only applies when buying the game through the 3DS’ eShop.

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-Via Nintendo Insider

Hyrule Historia tops Best Sellers lists

Seems like life is good for the folks at Dark Horse Publishing. Eleven days after its January 29’s launch, Hyrule Historia: The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia is already topping lists. More specifically, the Wall Street Journal’s Best-Selling books (Hardcover Nonfiction category) and The New York Times Best Sellers (Hardcover Advice & Miscellaneous).

More than 400,000 copies of Historia have been printed due to high demand, making it one of the biggest gaming books in recent years.

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-Via Destructoid.

Before Hyrule Historia there was the Zelda Box


With excitement still fresh over Hyrule Historia’s release is easy to forget that ten years ago there was the Zelda Box. In Japan, that is.

Published in 2002 the Zelda Box was –as we’d call it these days– a Collector’s Edition of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The box set contained a strategy guide, a map, developer quotes, Link and Moblin figurines, the Zelda Sound Collection music CD and a promo book.

Similar to Hyrule Historia, the 116-page booklet found inside the Zelda Box presented an insiders look at the development process behind a Zelda game. Artwork, character profiles, a retrospective of the history of every game in the series, sketches, commentary from people who worked on The Wind Waker, interviews with the Zelda development team and a guide to translate the Hylian Language found in the game, were all included in the booklet. Now, thanks to GlitterBerri and the people over at History of Hyrule, we’ve got some scans showing us what we missed all those years ago.

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