Wii U selling less than the PS Vita in the UK

January’s software sales figures of the UK games market have been revealed and the scenario is not looking bright for Nintendo. According to the numbers (which you can find below) the Wii U represents just 1.6% of the software sold last month on British soil.

To put things into perspective, only the PSP and the PS2 are behind Wii U’s sales. The Playstation Vita managed to move 12,000 units of software more than the Big N’s home console, which is also behind its little brothers 3DS and DS, and more importantly its direct competitors, the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The former currently topping the software sales charts with the latter following somewhat closely behind.

You can spot the numbers yourself below.

January software sales (market share):

  • Xbox 360: 810,000 (38.4%)
  • PS3: 545,000 (25.8%)
  • PC: 228,000 (10.8%)
  • Wii: 182,000 (8.6%)
  • DS: 139,000 (6.6%)
  • 3DS: 112,000 (5.3%)
  • Vita: 46,000 (2.2%)
  • Wii U: 34,000 (1.6%)
  • PSP: 13,000 (0.6%)
  • PS2: 2,000 (0.1%)

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-Via ComputerAndVideogames.com


Region-locked servers for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

For the time being forget about playing Mosnter Hunter 3 Ultimate online with your friends overseas as Capcom has confirmed the game’s servers will be region-locked. Separating gamers according to their continent of residence.

A small ray of hope still shines, however. Speaking through Capcom Unity forums, Yuri Araujo, Capcom’s associate online and community specialist, said:

“I’m not thrilled with the servers being split either. I am definitely aware of the demand and feedback, not only in this thread, but also from threads before finding out these bad news; so be sure that I will pass it along. There is no guarantee this will change though.”

Given the disappointment voiced by video game player through various forums across the globe when Capcom’s plans were made public, let’s hope the region lock disappears, letting gamers all over the world join and play a round of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate together.

Does it bother you that the servers will be region-locked or are indifferent to the news? Leave a comment and let us now!

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Get ready for a new Nintendo Direct tomorrow!

Mark your calendars and cancel tomorrow’s plans because a new Nintendo Direct is coming.

The broadcast is scheduled to air tomorrow (February 14) at 6am PT/9am PT/2pm GMT.

Secretive as the Big N is, not much information is known on what will be shown tomorrow or if something will be announced. Yet, we do know that Nintendo of America is planning share information about upcoming 3DS and Wii U games, while Nintendo Europe will be discussing 3DS games only. No confirmation about a Japanese broadcast has been made.

With only ours to go until we know what Nintendo has up its sleeve, we encourage you to let your mind wonder. Will something big be announced or we’ll be getting gameplay demos only? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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Super Mario 3D Land outperforming Mario Galaxy

Earning reports may not be every gamer’s cup of tea but from time to time interesting information can be found within them. Nintendo’s latest earnings report is prove of that.

According to the numbers released by Nintendo, Super Mario 3D Land have sold more units in its first 13th months on the market than Super Mario Galaxy during the same period. While the figures aren’t that far from one another – Land has managed to sell 8 million copies versus Galaxy’s 7.66 million – it is important to note that there’s less people who own a 3DS than those who owned a Wii back in 2008, when the red plumber space adventure had already been a year in the shelves.

Statistics in the report show that 3D Land’s better performance is a factor of Japanese gamers buying nearly two times more copies of Mario on the go than its Wii counterpart. Yet, only time will tell which game will end up selling more at the end.

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-Via Siliconera

Star Wars arriving to Wii U this month

Star Wars Pinball at least.

When Zen Studios confirmed last week plans to launch Star Wars Pinball in partnership with LucasArts, there was no word on a Wii U version within the press release. Despite the statement at the end of the game’s trailer: “Coming soon to digital stores everywhere.”

Queried on twitter about this apparent lack of support for Nintendo platforms, a Zen Studios’ representative responded:

“The force is strong with the Wii U 😀

Which we can assume is a close-enough confirmation that the game will be coming to the console. Which makes Star Wars Pinball the second game from Zen Studios to find its way into the eShop; Zen Pinball 2 being the first.

A three-table pack representing iconic moments from the franchise themed around Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett and Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be available at launch.

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More Pokémon X and Y details incoming

Looks like Pokemon fans won’t have to wait much longer for new details about the Pokémon debut on 3DS.

A new episode of Pokémon Smash was broadcast yesterday and with it came teasing information.

According to the TV show, further news regarding Pokémon X and Y will be announced through the new issue of Japanese comic CoroCoro and Pokémon Smash, this week.

What do you think will be revealed? What would you like to know about the new generation of Pokémon? Como back next Monday and discover if your intuition was correct and your wished fulfilled. In the meantime, enjoy the announcement trailer above once more.

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-Via Nintendo Insider

Resident Evil: Revelations taking advantage of Wii U’s features

After last month’s tease: “Are you scared? You should be…,” the new Official Nintendo Magazine issue has revealed the “world exclusive” they had prepared for us: The Wii U version of Resident Evil revelations.

Though the announcement of RE: Revelations up-ports for all current home consoles was made by Capcom some weeks ago, the 10-page feature on the magazine does have some interesting and new information to share.

Trying to take the most out of Nintendo’s newest console, Capcom will offer off-TV play support, the ability to play with the Wii U Pro Controller and inventory management through the Gamepad’s touch screen as well as access to multi-level 3D maps.

Producer Tsukasa Takenaka assures the game will be more than an HD port of the 3DS game: “All of the lighting effects and filters have been rebuilt from the ground up [specifically for Wii U], which improves the general quality of the environments. If you’ve played the 3DS version, the difference should be apparent in the first 10 minutes of the game.”

He continues, “I wouldn’t want to be so presumptuous as to say that everyone will enjoy one version more than another, but there are definitely features in the Nintendo Wii U version that are not found on other consoles.”

Starting this Friday, February 13th, the next issue of Official Nintendo Magazine will available for you to grab.

Does this sound like Capcom is going the extra mile for Wii U owners? Will RE: Revelations sell more copies than RE 6? Hit the comment section and let your thoughts be heard!

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-Via Nintendo Insider