Why Pokemon Is Not Just a Kids Game!

I’ll admit, I was only a child when I first played a Pokemon game. It was actually the first series I ever owned a game in. Looking back though I wasn’t aware that it was even that deep of a game. I’d train my original starter and get him and him only to beastly levels. My first playthrough I didn’t really train any Pokemon but my Blastoise. He is actually the ONLY Pokemon I have ever got to level 100 in any of the games without cheating. That’s not to say I wasn’t aware that I could train the others, it’s just that I didn’t want or care to. I was enjoying the game and was only a child. I wasn’t looking to train my entire team up to work together in interesting ways. I wasn’t throwing an entire team together just to counter other types of Pokemon. I’d put two or three water types on my team just because they looked cool.

This is what Pokemon does so well. It has simplicity but also depth. In other words, ANYONE can get into it and enjoy it for various reasons. These days I am crafting teams and mixing types to become that “beat all” team. It’s not easy to face another person and come out on top. There’s alot of strategy in the battles and there’s even a really deep way to train Pokemon called EV training. I personally have never done it because it’s so time consuming, but put an EV trained team against a non EV team and the more heavily trained team will win almost every time.

Pokemon is a series that has a huge mixture of fan bases. The casual, the hardcore, the children, the adults, the anime lover, or the RPG lover. It’s a game series that speaks a single language to most every one of its fans and that’s companionship. You will catch that Pokemon that will be your favorite and will raise it (level it) to be that one Pokemon that you’ll die a little inside to see get beat in a battle. It’s the connection to these creature’s stats, the journey you take with them, the nicknames you give them, and just the satisfaction of being the one who crafted these creatures into what they eventually become. The game’s feel personal for that very reason and it’s where I think the appeal of the entire series comes from, and why it relates to so many people.

However, the games would not be anything if they where not well crafted and in my opinion the games are all masterpieces. The originals where perfect in their own right, but as the series has moved on it has added little details to that perfection. They strive in being simple on the outside, yet have great depth when you start to delve into them. I have always wanted to see a documentary about how and why Pokemon was created. It has become one of the single largest RPG series in the history of gaming with a concept that is so simple yet simply brilliant.

Don’t let the artstyle fool you, Pokemon is as much a man’s game as it is a child’s game and I hope you better understand why in this article. If you have never given the games a chance I implore you to find out what the fuss has been about all these years.


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  1. will says :

    i am writing a paper and i need to quote something from this article, may i ask who wrote it?

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