Today’s Gamers Are Soft By Kenley Hall

Yes I am serious with that title. Let’s take a look shall we. NES, Genesis, Hell even SNES games were hard as Hell most of the time (especially NES). Now look at today’s games there is a crazy amount of hand holding and a lot of the time you cannot fail. Automatic Health re gen, Endless re spawns (in the same place you just were most of the time), Mario has so many free lives these days you can pretty much never get game over. And, then when a game does come along that is challenging say Dark Souls, or even Monster Hunter, Gamers exaggerate its difficulty to near impossible status, sometimes a lot of them even rage quit. Why is this? You ask. It’s because they have grown accustomed to the hand holding and, inability to fail that games nowadays have in order to have mass appeal. This is not a good thing games are supposed to challenge us. But that challenge has left save for a few games. And, so Gamers are becoming soft. Game developers need to up the challenge or when the few Challenging games come out in the future gamers will rage quit, or worse hear tales of its exaggerated difficulty and not buy it. Now I am not saying all gamers are soft there are still plenty of tough gamers it’s just that there are also way too many soft gamers these days and it needs to be fixed.

One response to “Today’s Gamers Are Soft By Kenley Hall”

  1. Jackie G. says :

    Gamers are babies now, between the hand holding we now get (wish I sometimes need I won’t lie) to wanting to sue a developer because we didn’t get what we thought was due to us; it infuriates and ashames me. We are better than this and need to grow up….again…idk I hope most of the babies in the gaming world are just that babies and not grown adults…..I can hope.

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