Mario Platformers a Brief History

You all know Mario The face of Nintendo, Miyamoto’s darling, and brother of Luigi. Mario started out as a carpenter named Jumpman in the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong. He was soon renamed Mario after Nintendo of America’s Seattle Landlord. His first game as Mario was the arcade classic Mario Bros (not to be confused with Super Mario Bros) where he and his newly created brother Luigi were tasked with getting rid of turtles (Koopas) from the sewers. This game is where he changed his profession from carpenter to plumber. He then of course went on to star in the 3 Super Mario Bros titles for NES (4 if you consider the fact that Japan’s and America’s SMB2 were two very different games). He then went on to the SNES with the highly acclaimed Super Mario World. He then would reinvent 3D games with Super Mario 64 a landmark gaming achievement for the Nintendo 64.
Now onto the Gamecube where Mario did not make the launch of the system which he had previously done for the last 3 consoles. Instead his brother Luigi took the launch spotlight with the vastly under appreciated Luigi’s Mansion. When he finally showed up in Super Mario Sunshine Fans were ecstatic but alas they were not to be satisfied. Super Mario Sunshine became vastly viewed as inferior to Super Mario 64 and when later 3D Mario games came out it would be moved even lower to worst 3D Mario Title. Then the DS came out and soon 2d Mario was brought back in a big way with the fantastic New Super Mario Bros. It was easier on difficulty then the past 2d titles but fans did not care their beloved 2d Mario had finally come back. On to the Wii once again Mario was not at launch but due to The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess being there it was not as big of a blow to the launch as it was to the Gamecube. Then finally Super Mario Galaxy comes out and its everything fans had dreamed of it reinvented 3D Platforming and reinvigorated Mario at the same time. Fans were blown away they called it the true sequel to Super Mario 64. Then a few years later Nintendo releases another 2d Mario in New Super Mario Bros Wii. Fans adored it and its 4 player co-op but still felt it played it a little to safe. Then in 2010 The unthinkable happens the first direct sequel to a 3D Mario Platformer and the first time two 3D Mario Platformers came to the same system. Super Mario Galaxy 2 was this game and it was incredible taking everything the first game did and making it better. With amazing level design and extremely polished gameplay it was well received.
Then in 2011 the 3DS came out and that fall the very first 3D Mario title built from the ground up for a handheld Super Mario 3D Land came out. It had been announced shown off and released all in 2011. Fans felt it might have been rushed and so would not live up to the Mario Standard. They were proven wrong it was a fantastic game that truly showed off what the 3DS was capable of. And now here in 2011 we are looking towards the release of two new Mario titles, New Super Mario Bros 2, and New Super Mario Bros U. The latter being the first Mario title at a Nintendo home consoles launch since the Nintendo 64. And that my friends is where we are today with Mario. I hope you enjoyed this brief account of the history of Mario Platformers.

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