WiiU impressions by Isaias Frias

I did something amazing today. I played the WiiU. Lettuce put on our imagination hats and join me on a journey as I describe to you my experience.


I walked into my local Gamestop and walked right to the demo station. First thing I notice was the controller felt surprisingly comfortable. I remember thinking on my way to Gamestop that I was sure it wouldn’t feel right. But when I held it, my hand seemed to fit right into the grooves really well. The screen on the gamepad was wide, I liked that. So when you take the game from the TV to the screen, it will still have the widescreen.


As you can see from the above picture, they had different games to scroll through on the screen. They were all just videos you can watch on the game you click on. The only game you could demo was Rayman Legends. Which was fine with me cause I loved Rayman Origins.


This was a pretty good demo. It had pretty much all the game modes you could play on this game. The first one I played was the traditional sidescolling mode. It was fast and it was slick. The one thing I did notice is how beautiful the graphics were. It looked gorgeous. Then I played the “girlfriend” mode. Which is where you help the single player through the tablet. It was pretty fun anyway though. If the person that is sidescrolling knows what they are doing, it can get pretty intense. You constantly move platforms, twist the gamepad to twist certain platforms, cut ropes to move certain dangers out of the way. Then finally I played the “rock rythm” sidescrolling mode. In this one you run across the screen and jump or punch in the right rythm. I especially loved this mode cause they had the Black Betty song playing in it. This mode though… it will probably be alot funner with 2 players.


The one thing to take from this “impressions” post is this: the controller is surprisingly comfortable, you get used to it within a minute and the graphics are gorgeous (for those of you who take that into consideration)


Thanks for reading folks 😀

3 responses to “WiiU impressions by Isaias Frias”

  1. Sal Orrico says :

    nice article Isaias. not my kinda thing but as long as U like it hahaha

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