We are a jaded bunch By Isaias Frias

When I was younger I was a “gamer”. Although back then, there was no such title. You just played games. You gathered your friends around a T.V. and grabbed a controller. It was fun. It was amazing.

Now a days the “gamer” is a sensitive little kid who cries when they don’t get their way. We write hate mail cause we don’t like the ending of a game. Some of us even go as far as death threats and suicide threats because of freakin videogames. Those that do such acts, I would not put them into the same category as I am in.

I have been thinking about the modern day gamer alot lately because of Nintendo’s upcoming console. All I hear from the internet is “Nintendo screwed me over with the Wii”, “Nintendo is for kids”… What makes Nintendo for kids? Super Mario Galaxy 2 is one of the most punishing games I have ever played. Sure these guys put out some kid friendly games but if Wii owners bothered to actually look into what other Nintendo titles were out there besides Wii-Sports, they would find a vast amount of challenging and engaging experienes.

Now the “gamer” is saying “well there just isn’t anything for me on the Wii-U” and “I don’t trust Nintendo anymore”. Seriously? It’s going to be in HD. They have already more then proved that they have hardcore 3rd party support… with games like: Bayonetta 2, Assassin’s Creed 3, Wonderful 101 and many more. But guess what… people still hate them. So they are just going to buy the next Xbox or Playstation. I have nothing against those consoles but they aren’t doing anything new. They just make a console and say, “here’s the controller, there is your TV… btw it looks prettier”. Nothing new. If you look at when the 360 had it’s most success you will see that it was when they implimented Kinect. Guess what, Nintendo started the movement control movement. People bought Kinect cause it was different. People are bored of the same old crap. Gamers on the other hand, hate different things… not only that, we hate when something is amazing but it is not on our console of choice… there I admit that for all my fellow gamers. We are haters when somebody makes something super cool for a console that isn’t on our console.

So my question to you is this: When did we become so jaded? When did we become so angry and serious about our hobby? I know to some, games are a profession. But you do not hear developers going online and making death threats cause Bayonetta 2 is a Wii-U exclusive. When older folks say “videogames are for kids” I believe them… cause we still act like children  not getting our way….

Isaias Frias

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