The Grinder: the game that never was (but should have been) by Isaias Frias

This game was supposed to come out on Halloween day 2011. It was supposed to be Wii’s Left 4 Dead. I was wanting this game to come out so freakin badly. It was made by the dudes who made Conduit 1 and 2. It had awesome box art:

also, 4 cool characters… that had different attributes like lock picking or melee weapons

it was in developement hell and then they couldn’t find a publisher for some stupid reason. It looked so amazing but it just didn’t make it to publishing. It was to be a FPS for Wii and an arcade shooter for 360 and PS3…

Just watch this video and tell me this wouldn’t have been awesome for the Wii… keep in mind that it has the same awesome controls that Conduit had…


Will this game ever see the light of day? Will it be on WiiU? The answer to these questions: probably not đŸ˜¦

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