I am excited by Isaias Frias

I don’t know if this would be considered an editorial or just a blog. I just wanted to say that I am excited about this site. I love writting and I love video games. So, this just seems to be perfect. I don’t know what lies ahead in the future with this site but I am excited. Maybe nothing will happen, that’s ok. I just enjoy doing this and I enjoy the feedback I get from the folks that are as interested in this stuff as I am. Be it negative or positive. My whole life i have been gaming and it kept me out of trouble. I just hope people can connect with games as much as I do.

When we started this website a month ago, it wasn’t even my idea… It was all Ken’s doing. I thank you for that sir. All I wanted was a podcast, but he was like “hey, let’s do a website”. So glad he said that. Then my homie, Jeff, was like “yo, I wanna get in on this”… I have honestly never met this dude in person but I swear to you, this guy is the white version of me lol. Jeff you are a cool dude. And Shane… well… Shane is Shane. I have had many conversations with this dude. Sometimes we clash and sometimes we get eachother. Bottom line is, I respect that dude. I love all 3 of these guys.

We don’t get a whole lotta traffic here but it’s ok. We will one day, I know it. I just gotta keep spamming folks and pushing through it. Like Harvey Dent said “the night is darkest before the dawn”… So, I am not going to give up on this dream I have. Maybe I won’t be writting about games in the future. Maybe it’ll be about pies or bike-racks… but I will be writting and to those few people I reach I just wanna say: Thank you


Isaias Frias

3 responses to “I am excited by Isaias Frias”

  1. Jackie says :

    awww, very sweet editorial. I’m glad you’re doing something you love doing. That is important; maybe one day you’ll get traffic. Maybe once Wii-U is out and there is buzz all around Nintendo again.

  2. sidekickreviews says :

    I wish you the very best with your new blog! How much traffic do you get per day so far? I can put a link on my blog roll so people can find you if you’d like. good luck!

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