first day with my WiiU by Isaias Frias

When I walked into my house with my WiiU and hand and my daughter following me, I had no idea how great my day would be.

First thing I would do was set my system down and grab my laptop. I then set my laptop on my dinner table and sat my daughter next to me… Then we did an unboxing of the system.

I then hooked up my new system. HDMI, power cable, Gamepad charger and remote sensor bar. Then it just sat there for 30 minutes while I waited for the Gamepad to charge. I probably should have let it charge longer but I was being impatient. I turned the power on and watched as the screen told me to tap and read -_- so I did as the screen commanded. I made a Mii that looked just like Mii 😉

imagejpeg_2 (3)

I cracked open my Nintendo Land case and smelled the disk… love the smell of fresh games. Then I watched the screen and my eyes were peeled back as I watched in awe and wonderment. I thought the game looked wonderful. my little Mii guy looked so cool running around on screen. My daughter was sitting right by me and she had the biggest smile on her face as she watched the awesome new world open up in front of her eyes. I handed her the Gamepad… “try it out” I told her. She walked my Mii around for a bit and asked what she was supposed to do. I got the controller and walked the Mii into the Ninja Castle game… She picked up right away what to do… She flung stars like a pro… My wittle ninja lol

From there we tried all the single player mini-games, handing the Gamepad back and forth. Then my friend walks in (he is allowed to just come in my house, that kinda friend)… Well, he comes over to us and just stares at the TV till we are done… “I wanna try” he says… I grab a couple Wii-motes and hand one to him and one to my daughter. I walk my Mii into the Zelda-escue game… I am the arrow guy and they are both sword wielding peeps. This game was beyond (BEYOND!!) amazing…

After that we played some other ones… then it was time for me to pop in NSMBU. Let me start by saying this: this game doesn’t run at 1080p… but what it does run on is pure awesomeness… I am going to do a review soon but I just want to say that this game is a definite purchase no matter what score anyone gives it. It was such fun. And the gamepad stuff is really cool for anyone who wants to play but doesn’t want to get in the way. I won’t say more cause I will just say it in my review.

After I put Emma to bed, I put in ZombiU. Let me start by telling you this: this game gave me some genuine scares. It brings back memories of the old survival horror games. I turned off all the lights and put the volume to 11 (Spinal Tap, represent). If you read my review you will see a score, but what I am going to tell you now is that I love this game. With all it’s faults and everything, I am still very satisfied.

At the end of the day, I was happy and looking forward to playing it again.

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