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New Podcast Episode!

In this Episode: We talk about whats our most anticipated things of 2013. We answer some questions, and oh yeah, Jeff and Ken get into a little spat. Isaias stays quiet for that. It a very raw episode!

Episode 12

New Podcast Episode!

On this episode: Isaias and Jeff listen to some tunes! Oh and they talk about video games and stuff..

Episode 11

New Podcast Episode!

Well, we have made it 10 Episodes!

In this episode: Ken talks about his comic pursuits, Jeff needs help naming Final Fantasy characters, and Isaias stays on topic. As always there is Question of the Week! Listen to Win!

Episode 10

New Podcast Episode!

In this episode: Jeff goes on various rants for no reason, and Isaias protects Emma from the cat. As always there is a Question of the Week. Listen to Win!


Episode 9



Wii U Launch Podcast is now LIVE!

Its the Nintendrones Wii U podcast, do you have a question about the Wii U? There is a 99.99999% chance that we answer it! No stupid reading required on your end!


Episode 8 Part 2

New podcast is up

go and take a listen… awesome stuff 😀 It is the first part of a two parter. Part 2 will be centered around the Wii U.

New Episode

New Podcast! Episode 7 is now live!

In this episode: Ken is mysteriously silent, Isaias DOES give us an update on his boo, and Jeff continues to complain about AC3. As always, there is Jeff’s Question of the Week! Listen (and respond) to win!!

Episode 7

Podcast is back up!

It seems that Podbean finally got their stuff together. iTunes should be working now also.

Episode 5

New Podcast! Episode 5

On this episode: Isaias has a lady-friend. Ken reveals his love of ice-climbers. Jeff gives his favorite My Little Pony picks, and there is a new question of the week! Listen to win!!

Episode 5


UPDATE!! Podbean (our host for the podcast) is down. I will let you know when it is back up!


Podcast Episode 4!

New Podcast. New Question. New Prize. Listen to win!

Episode 4