TheatRhythm Final Fantasy Review By Kenley Hall

TheatRhythm Final Fantasy is a good rhythm game with absolutely amazing music. The main gameplay consists of sliding, tapping, and slashing your stylus along with onscreen markers to the beat. This game plays well, but would probably be considered and average rhythm game if it were not for the music.

The music being as it is from the Final Fantasy series is stunning. There is not a bad track in this game. The being said the main modes Story where you play through three songs from each main entry, and challenge where you try to up your performance in said songs, do not have that many songs just 3 from each main series entry game. Thankfully you can add more songs through dlc, but whether you want to spend the money is up to you.

The 3 songs from each series are played in 3 different ways. The Field Music Stage is a pretty relaxing easy song, The Battle Music Stage is the hardest and fastest as you tap to the music attack, and The Event Music Stage is in between the two. This game has some light RPG elements, but they are so light you really will not notice much. The games graphics are colorful and easy on the eyes. They re-imagine all the Final Fantasy character and enemies as Chibi versions which gives the game a unique look. Speaking of characters you pick 4 characters from the main protagonists of each main series entry for your party before you got out. You really just pick on preference cause no character has specific skills different from the rest, but going into a song with the character from that song’s game in your party gives you bonus points at the end of the song, which is something to think about.

All in all this is a good Rhythm game taken to higher heights due to its spectacular music.

Final Score 4 out of 5 Stars:

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