Super Mario 3D Land Review By Kenley Hall

Super Mario 3D Land is the very first 3D Mario title built from scratch for a portable system. It was announced, shown off, and released all in 2011. Which led many to believe it had been rushed and would be no good, but they were wrong see for yourself below.

Super Mario 3D Land is a fantastic game. First off the graphics are superb and really are a good showcase for the system and the 3D actually adds to the gameplay it makes jumps and leaps much easier to perform due to the depth the 3D provides.

The gameplay is pure Mario with finely tuned mechanics the jumps movement and everything are pulled off very smoothly and the circle pad is a perfect fit for controlling Mario. The one problem I have with the controls is that you have to hold a button to run instead of just sliding the control pad further out. The first 8 Worlds are a blast even if they are on the tad bit easy side. And, the final Boss Fight with Bowser at the end of the first 8 worlds is nothing short of epic.

After you beat the first 8 worlds you unlock 8 special worlds that are extremely challenging and if you beat the castle of Special world 1 you unlock Luigi which, is a nice bonus. Within each level are 3 hidden star medals which become really important once you reach the 8 special worlds as you cannot progress at certain points without the right amount. The level design is fantastic and filled with Mario charm and the music is nice and catchy even if a lot of it is recycled.

Simply put if you own a 3DS this is a must have title.

Final score 5/5 stars.

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