Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask Review




The story starts off like a lot of Layton games with a letter from a friend causing Layton and company to head to a new town in this case the desert oasis town of Monte d’Or. Where they find themselves having to solve the mystery of the Masked Gentleman. The game also has some sequences from Layton’s youth where we get some insight on his past. The story is well told with some interesting twists it’s a bit predictable who the Masked Gentleman is (I guessed it within the first couple hours). But the plot is still very interesting with some very intense and heartwarming parts. It’s also well presented with gorgeous hand drawn cut scenes and superb voice acting. Overall this is one of my favorite Layton Stories. And one of my favorite video game stories period.


The gameplay is typical Layton fare with some slight changes. Now due to the 3D top screen you use your stylus on the touchscreen to move a magnifying glass around the top screen environment to talk to people and find puzzles and hint coins. The puzzles are brilliant as always ranging from simple math problems to extremely tricky logic puzzles. There is also a sort of dungeon exploring sequence late in the game with some very fun environmental puzzles. All in all it’s the same great puzzling gameplay you expect from a Layton game.


The game has switched to a slick 3D visual style for the in-game graphics and some puzzles. I will admit when I first heard this, I was very skeptical, but they managed to pull it off. It still feels like Layton, but the characters can now be more expressive, which is a big plus. The hand drawn cut scenes are gorgeous as usual. All in all it’s a great looking game.


The voice acting is superb as always. The music is very nice its melancholy tunes are exactly what I expect from a Layton game. And, the sound effects are well good sound effects.

Overall this is a great game that I recommend this game to any puzzle lovers or 3DS owners.


It gets 4 out of 5 stars: rating_4star

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