Paper Mario: Sticker Star Review

Paper Mario: Sticker Star Review by Isaias Frias

looks like Mario is in a “sticker” situation…


The story is this: There is some sort of Sticker Fest going on and Bowser (being the guy he is) goes and crashes it. He tries to grab the Awesome Star (not really it’s name) and it shatters and is spread throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. Pretty typical stuff for a Mario game. But the awesome writing is what gets you. It’s funny, really funny… It has alot of inside jokes that Mario fans will catch on to, but it also has other jokes as well.


I really enjoyed the gameplay. I liked the sticker idea. Instead of navigating through menus and such whilst battling, you just tap on the sticker from the lower screen and then you use that move. There are also stickers called “Things Stickers” and they are used on environmental puzzles: i.e. a giant fan to turn a windmill. The thing that wasn’t cool though is that I used my giant fan before I got to the windmill and so I lost it. I used it in a battle. When I got to the windmill I knew exactly what to do but I forgot where it was that I got it. So I had to travle through the past stages and find it again. There is no way that the game tells you where these things are. Pretty frustrating.



The look of this game is really really awesome. And when you put the 3D on it really looks like a pop-up book. The thing is that I don’t really ever use my 3D on my system but I love how this one looks. It’s amazing.



Happy music. Happy sound effects. It puts you in a good mood. Just like every other Mario game.


This is a really really great game. If you have a 3DS then I suggest you buy it. There are some issues on gameplay but you should still buy it.

4 out of 5 stars


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