Kid Icarus Uprising Review By Kenley Hall

Our Video Review:

Kid Icarus Uprising is the sequel to the original NES Kid Icarus that came out 25 years ago. Fans have been clamoring for a new entry since the dawn of time. And, with this Entry in the beloved albeit short franchise Sakurai gives fans what they wanted and then some. He completely revamps Kid Icarus for the modern age as a finger twitching action shooter. And, here are the results.

Kid Icarus Uprising is an amazing addition to the 3DS’ library. The gameplay is purely amazing with smooth controls mixing perfectly with finely tuned shooting mechanics and melee attacks. The Controls will take some getting used to, but they work brilliantly once you are used to them. The touchscreen aiming works perfectly well its so precise you will forget about a 2nd stick. The circle pad moves Pit with absolute precision. The story is pure fun and the dialog is some of the best in any Nintendo title with constant jokes about other Nintendo games and this game itself. While the voice acting is top-notch each voice actor hits all the right notes. Dark Pit is the best dark version of any Nintendo character ever with lots of depth to his character instead of being the generic evil twin. The story also has many twists that I will not spoil for you here. The graphics are beautiful and the 3d is some of the best on the system its eye popping gorgeous.

The music is some of the best Nintendo has ever produced pretty much every tune is a classic in its own right. The multiplayer is a ton of fun and is very much smash bros in 3d which is awesome. Plus Sakurai has put so many unlockables and extras into this game it will take you a long time to collect them all. The fiends cauldron is also a brilliant way to add replay value to the levels by making it so you can bet currency to play on higher difficulty levels. So all in all Sakurai has done it again and this is a must have 3DS title.

Final Score: 5 out of 5 stars:

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