New Wii U and 3DS bundles for Europe

Thursday’s Nintendo Direct brought interesting news for European gamers. NOE boss Satoru Shibata announced black and white editions of 3DS XL would be coming to Europe in addition of two new bundles for 3DS and one for Wii U.

On March 22nd, the Big N will release the Wii U Limited Edition Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Premium Pack and the Nintendo 3DS XL Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Limited Edition Pack. The former will include a black premium Wii U with 32GB of storage, a Wii U Pro Controller, and a copy of the game. The 3DS pack will contain the new black 3DS XL with a pre-installed copy of the game.

The 22nd day of March will also mark the release of the 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro for European players who wish to experience the game with two analogue sliders.

Also announced for the region was a special 3DS XL Limited Edition Fire Emblem bundle, featuring a blue 3DS XL with the game being pre-installed.

Does this sound like a good deal to you? Are you excited for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate? Let us now in the comments!

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