Region-locked servers for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

For the time being forget about playing Mosnter Hunter 3 Ultimate online with your friends overseas as Capcom has confirmed the game’s servers will be region-locked. Separating gamers according to their continent of residence.

A small ray of hope still shines, however. Speaking through Capcom Unity forums, Yuri Araujo, Capcom’s associate online and community specialist, said:

“I’m not thrilled with the servers being split either. I am definitely aware of the demand and feedback, not only in this thread, but also from threads before finding out these bad news; so be sure that I will pass it along. There is no guarantee this will change though.”

Given the disappointment voiced by video game player through various forums across the globe when Capcom’s plans were made public, let’s hope the region lock disappears, letting gamers all over the world join and play a round of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate together.

Does it bother you that the servers will be region-locked or are indifferent to the news? Leave a comment and let us now!

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