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– Hi everyone! In only a few minutes a new Nintendo Direct broadcast will go live and I’ll be here bringing you the news. Unless you’re heading to Nintendo’s official website were you can see the broadcast for yourself, Don’t go anywhere!

– Five minutes until the broadcast begins. Are you excited?

– Don’t forget to refresh your browser every few minutes to get the latest information as it is delivered. Will The Wonderful 101 make an appearance?

– Will we hear amore about Bayonetta 2? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

– It has started! Say hello to the always smiling Saturo Iwata

– Going by his outfit – he is wearing a Luigi’s hat –I assume a new video for Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon is about to be shown.

-Luigi’s debut on 3DS will be release on March 24.

– A lot of new environments for the game are being shown: Luigi can be seen walking in the snow while blizzard strikes, books are flying everywhere in one of the castles libraries. Miyamoto talks about the enhanced lighting in the game and how the depth of the 3D makes his vision for the original Luigi’s Mansion finally come true.

– As previously announced, the game will pack tons of puzzles for you to decipher and four-player multi-player both local and online.

– A new Mario & Luigi RPG has been announced!

– The game will take place inside Luigi’s dream, will be called Mario & Luigi Dream Team and will be released this summer for the Nintendo 3DS.

– A new Mario Golf: World Tour has also been announced! You can take Mario and his pals on this World Tour this summer.

– Based on the footage shown the game looks beautiful, with crisp and colorful graphics that make the franchise justice. Coming to a 3DS near you.

– Now, for Wii U announcements, we have New Super Mario Bros. Wii U DLC. The new downloadable content will bring Luigi to the spotlight and is being touted by Nintendo as a large piece of DLC “similar of development of full software.”

– Communities for unreleased games will be coming to the Miiverse. Starting with the new community for The Legend of Zelda.

– Remember to download the first pack of downloadable content for the recently released Fire Emblem. It will only be available for free for a few more days.

– More information about Fire Emblem’s DLC is being shared. If you haven’t bought the game yet you can head to your 3DS’s eShop and downloaded right now.

– New Animal Crossing will be released on June 9!

– This time around you’ll be the Mayor of your town. That’s right, no more working for Tom Nook. And being the Mayor gives you the ability of customize your whole town, want to change the design of the Town’s streetlights? You can do it!

– Lego City undercover will be arriving March 18.

– Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins for 3DS will release April 21. This game will be a prequel to the Wii U’s one and will take place two years before the storyline of Lego City undercover for Wii U.

– Google Street View now available for Wii U. You can download it from the eShop.

– Harmo Knight is coming to the 3DS eShop. The new game from the guys at Game Freak (creators of the Pokémon franchise) has you playing a rhythm/platform crossover. It will be available on March 28 and a demo will be released on March 8.

– A new game is headed to the eShop. Kersploosh! is the name and you will be able to purchase it starting this March 7. Here you’ll take control of a falling rock that has been tossed  into a well and your job is to maneuver its through a tight corridor. The game reminds me of Ketzal’s Corridors, another eShop game published by Nintendo.

– Mario v.s Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move has been announced. It will be a eShop downloadable game.

– Dillang’s Rolling Western is getting a sequel. The downloadable tower-defense game will be available April 11 on the 3DS eShop.

– Harvest Moon and Legends of the River King are coming to the 3DS Virtual Console.

– Now, let’s get talking about the Wii U.

New Deluxe ZombiU set available on February 17 for $389,99.

– Brit. Tip Runner 2, Toki Tori2 and Zen Pinball 2 on the eShop. The latter will be free to download this month!

– All three games will support off-tv play.

– Need for Speed Most Wanted is coming to Wii U March 19 with Miiverse support.

– March 26 will mark the debut of The Walking Dead franchise on Wii U with Activision’s FPS take on the post-apocalyptic world.

– Disney Infinity coming to Wii, Wii U and 3Ds.

– Injustice: God among us is coming to Wii U as well.

– Donkey Kong Country returns 3D announced for the 3DS! 3D video available of the game available on the 3DS eShop now!

– And that’s it for today. There’s some information that slipped by me: a demo for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be made available on the Wii U eShop this and a couple of new promotions are starting today for those who haven’t yet bought Nintendo’s newest consoles.

– See you next time!

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