Super Mario 3D Land outperforming Mario Galaxy

Earning reports may not be every gamer’s cup of tea but from time to time interesting information can be found within them. Nintendo’s latest earnings report is prove of that.

According to the numbers released by Nintendo, Super Mario 3D Land have sold more units in its first 13th months on the market than Super Mario Galaxy during the same period. While the figures aren’t that far from one another – Land has managed to sell 8 million copies versus Galaxy’s 7.66 million – it is important to note that there’s less people who own a 3DS than those who owned a Wii back in 2008, when the red plumber space adventure had already been a year in the shelves.

Statistics in the report show that 3D Land’s better performance is a factor of Japanese gamers buying nearly two times more copies of Mario on the go than its Wii counterpart. Yet, only time will tell which game will end up selling more at the end.

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-Via Siliconera


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