Before Hyrule Historia there was the Zelda Box


With excitement still fresh over Hyrule Historia’s release is easy to forget that ten years ago there was the Zelda Box. In Japan, that is.

Published in 2002 the Zelda Box was –as we’d call it these days– a Collector’s Edition of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The box set contained a strategy guide, a map, developer quotes, Link and Moblin figurines, the Zelda Sound Collection music CD and a promo book.

Similar to Hyrule Historia, the 116-page booklet found inside the Zelda Box presented an insiders look at the development process behind a Zelda game. Artwork, character profiles, a retrospective of the history of every game in the series, sketches, commentary from people who worked on The Wind Waker, interviews with the Zelda development team and a guide to translate the Hylian Language found in the game, were all included in the booklet. Now, thanks to GlitterBerri and the people over at History of Hyrule, we’ve got some scans showing us what we missed all those years ago.

Head over to our gallery bellow for more.

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