3DS Downloads of the Week

Yesterday new software arrived to the 3DS eShop. Let’s take a look at the new games you can start downloading right now.

First up we have three Nintendo 3DS launch titles: Rayman 3D, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 3D and Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 3D. Individual value for each of them is $29,99. But PES Socer 2013 won’t be available until February 12.


Next we have a new entry of the crazy popular Brain Age series. The new game is called Brain Age: Concentration Training and will be ready for your 3DS system on February 10 for a price yet to be determined.

On the retro side of things you can head to the eShop and purchase the classic NES game Mega Man 2 for five bucks or revisit the last generation of Nintendo handhelds and  try out Ah! Heaven for $1,99. Here’s the official description of Ah! Heaven in case you haven’t heard of it:

“Ah! Heaven, is a platform game developed with an Eastern ink painting style. You play as a soul willing to ascend to heaven. Though heaven’s gate is open, God will not take you there, you have to go by yourself. You will meet all kinds of danger in your journey; Can you get through it to make your ascension?”

And if you enjoy playing old-school RPG’s don’t forget to try Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan demo free of charge.


Last but not least the recently released Fire Emblem Awakening is already getting DLC content in the form of:

  • Champions of Yore 1 – Battle to get Prince Marth to join your team! (Free for a limited time).
  • Champions of Yore 2 – Battle to get Roy to join your team! ($2.50).
  • Champions Pack – Get all three Champion of Yore pack as they become available ($4.00 – note that Champions
  • of Yore 3 is not yet available to download).

For all your Nintendo related information stay with The Nintendrones.


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