Iwata praises ZombiU


Iwata praises ZombiU. Here is what he had to say about this game:


“I get the feeling that ZombiU will become the focus of attention, not just in Europe, but around the world including Japan.”

“I look forward to ZombiU becoming a seminal title, complimenting Nintendo’s own efforts to showcase the reason why Wii U had to have the Wii U GamePad as its controller by demonstrating yet another way of doing things.”

“I think that Ubisoft have succeeded more than any other company at establishing a new franchise using the Wii Remote. Why do you think the company has managed to do so well there? I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts! (Laughs)”

“The most fundamental aspect of video games is that compulsion every time you slip up to give it just one more go.”

“Once it gets to the point where it seems utterly impossible, players begin to lose enthusiasm; if it’s done right though, players will want to keep retrying despite the difficulty.”

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