The power of the Wii-U

Nintendo reps had this to say:

“Nintendo representatives on the day informed me that it was “19 times more powerful than PS3”. Having spent a decent amount of time with the launch software I doubt these claims, as the games on show at the expo appeared directly comparable to Xbox360 and PS3 titles and certainly no better. Having said that, the games are launch titles and the software can only improve in scope, gameplay and visual flair as developers get to grips with the hardware.”


basically what he wanted to say was “haters gonna hate”


About Kenley Hall

Comic book writer, game journalist, and aspiring game developer. This handsome fellow is the geek of all trades. He loves comic books, manga, anime, sci-fi, fantasy, video games and everything inbetween. And is the founder of Journey Comics, and World 1 Level 1

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