Nintendo is still selling well in Japan

  1. [PSP] SD Gundam G Generation: Overworld
  2. [PS3] Dead or Alive 5
  3. [3DS] Style Savvy: Trendsetters
  4. [PSV] Ys: Foliage Ocean in Celceta
  5. [3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2
  6. [PS3] Sleeping Dogs
  7. [PSP] Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Portable
  8. [PSP] Final Fantasy III
  9. [PSV] Earth Defense Force 3 Portable – Double-enlistment Pack
  10. [360] Dead or Alive 5
  • Nintendo 3DS: 80,175
  • PSP: 23,061
  • PlayStation Vita: 14,469
  • PlayStation 3: 8,935
  • Wii: 5,421
  • PlayStation 2: 1,103
  • Nintendo DS: 794
  • Xbox 360: 742

About Kenley Hall

Comic book writer, game journalist, and aspiring game developer. This handsome fellow is the geek of all trades. He loves comic books, manga, anime, sci-fi, fantasy, video games and everything inbetween. And is the founder of Journey Comics, and World 1 Level 1

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